Intelligent routing

Professional payment flow management tool.

How to setup routes?

Smart route algorithm based on a list of rules.

Multi-company account

Routing requires a minimum of two registered companies with separate processing settings and unique Processing IDs
Company registration

Setup routing rules

Select an appropriate rule type and value to check every payment, such as: payment amount, currency, ProcessingID, products name, SCU etc.

Choose a beneficiary

Choose which entity to credit when payment options match any of the configured rules. Once the settings are saved, the system will automatically determine the beneficiary regardless from what was entered earlier.

Advanced payment tools

Advanced routing options.

Multiple rules list

You can create an unlimited number of rules and beneficiaries. If a payment falls within the scope of several rules at the same time, the first in the list will have the highest priority.

Forced route

If you need to exclude a company from the list of recipients asap (e.g. in case of problems with the bank account), the 'Processing ID' filter allows you to easily redirect payments from this account to another.

The only beneficiary

There is also a powerful rule 'All Payments' with the highest priority and a force to redirect all incoming payments to a single account and exclude any others.

Mary go round

The ability to join all accounts into a group where every new payment will be credited to the next company. The filter has the highest priority and can be set by contacting our Sales team.