Subscription and recurring charges

Sign-up your customers for periodic charges at any frequency.

How to subscribe a customer?

It only takes a few minutes to complete the form and send a link to your customer.

Add customer details

Customer details will be automatically obtained from the CRM record, such as: first and last name (or company name), personal and legal address, phone number and email, which will significantly reduce the time to create a new subscription.
Preset major options

Add goods and services

Manually complete payment description, the name of your product or service, payment amount and currency, or just add all Deal details by ticking a checkbox 'Add goods/services from a Deal'.

Create a schedule

Specify dates for the first and the last payment and choose an automated action: to send an invoice by Email or to charge the subscribed amount to the customer's card.

Set a notification method

Choose a preferred method to get notified about successful and failed payments (in-chat or by email). Determine the stage the Deal will be placed in once the payment is successful. Regardless from your personal settings, every payment notification will be available within a Deal feed.

Save, create and send

After saving a form, a subscription will be established in an inactive state and will wait when the customer agrees with the terms and adds credit card details. The subscription becomes active once the customer's card is successfully linked.

Advanced payment tools

Professional payment tools for medium and large-sized companies.

Activation management

You may choose how your subscription is activated:
- by paying a $1 authorization fee;
- by paying the full amount of the invoice;
- by paying custom payment amount;
- by paying authorization fee plus own amount.

Create a deal after payment

You can track and process every payment as a new order. Choose the option to 'Create a deal after successful payment', set the pipeline, stage and the responsible party and every successful payment will create a new deal on the Kanban.

Error handling

If an error occurs while attempting to charge a customer's card, a special error handling algorithm will notify the customer about the error and will create a new charge task the next day.

Visual form editor

Easily customize your payment forms to match your brand by adding your logo and selecting a background color or image.
Visual editor

Core features

A core set of features to be fully integrated with your business process.

Application Templates

Save frequently used options as templates to quickly use with future invoices as well as to create subscriptions.

Multi Account

Set-up an account with multiple legal entities and choose which entity will be credited for every payment.

Stage Management

Setup and customize your Lead or Deal stages after every successful payment and visually control sales within a Kanban view.

plus many more awesome features