Advanced payment tools for Websites, Apps & CRM

Online invoicing, recurring charges, instant charges without card details, one-click payments, multi-company accounts, intelligent routing and payment form editor.

Essential payment tools

The essential collection every company needs to run their business.

Invoice creation

Create invoices from a Contact, Company, Lead or Deal, send invoices via SMS and online messengers, charge invoice amount instantly, place a 7-day hold on funds, split invoice payments into deposits and remaining amounts, set a due date and get notified when a payment is approved.
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Recurring charges

Subscribe your customers for periodic charges with any frequency. Manage activation amounts, instantly charge invoice amounts or send bills by email. Get notified of successful payments and automatically create new Deals.
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Advanced payment tools

Professional payment tools for medium and large-sized companies.

One-click instant charges

Upon a successful payment charge the customer's card with one click, re-enter card details without customer's confirmation or human errors.
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Multi-company account

Register multiple legal entities in one application and choose the entity to credit for payments from invoicing, subscriptions or one-click charges.
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Intelligent routing

Complementary to multi-company account tool, establish an automated funds distribution workflow, based on a set of rules, such as: payment currency, invoice amount, product name, SCU and others.
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Personal settings

A special section which allows to preset frequently used invoice or subscription options, such as stages, dates, titles and amounts. Prevent your associates from overriding the settings set by the senior team members.
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Visual form editor

Easily customize your payment forms with your brand by adding a logo, selecting an image or the background color.

Core features

A set of core features to be fully integrated with your business process.


Split invoice payments into deposits and remaining amounts. Automatically change Deal stages based on payment statuses.

Block Funds

Confirm that your customer's credit is sufficient to purchase goods or services and reserve funds for a settlement in the future.

Application Templates

Save frequently used options as templates to quickly use with invoices as well as to create subscriptions.

Funds Distribution

Register multi-company account and direct payments to appropriate legal entities based on your business rules.

Sales Process Management

Define your Lead or Deal stages after every successful payment and visually control sales with a kanban.

Personalize Notifications

Customize your successful and failed payment notification reminders and the way you want them. Control payments in-chat or by Email.

plus many more awesome features