Visual form editor

A visual editor allows you customize payment forms to match your brand by adding your logo, selecting a background color or image.

How to customize the design of a form?

Open the payment form template in the editor, change its appearance, color, images and save the result.

Select a payment tool

This editor page allows you to setup communication templates for the payment tools, such as: invoice, subscription confirmation, in-chat, SMS or website payments.

Select a template

Several standard payment templates have been made available in the application to get you started and can be easily customized in the editor. Go to the Template Editor section, select a template and click Edit.

Edit template

This editor allows you to customize colors of the text and button, change the font size, background color and the base image for every template. If something doesn't look right, you can undo your changes or try again.

Deploy template

After saving the changes, you must release the new template to be used within the appropriate section by clicking the Deploy template button. From that moment on, all your customers will see the updated template version.

Create your own template

Advanced template creation and editing features, which are not available within the standard application editor.

Unique design

Our visual in-app editor offers a variety of template customization options, however if your complex needs are not supported by our existing features, you have the option to create completely unique templates with your own design. Please contact our Sales team to obtain more information about this feature.

Libraries support

You can easily create your own template using popular libraries and frameworks, such as: Tailwind, Bootstrap, JQuery, AwesomeFont 5 and Animate.css.

Custom variables

You can expand your templates by showing any information cross-referenced from a payment request by leveraging custom template variables, such as: customer details, shipping address, cart contents, order details, comment and payment processing result.